Toronto Immigration Lawyer Updated Nearby Me

An immigration lawyer in Canada will be necessary for you as an immigrant who wants to move to Canada by using any of the visa categories available.

A lawyer for immigration gives advice on your visa application. This is a compilation of Toronto Immigration Lawyer

The lawyer assists non-citizens with the application of green cards, citizenship, naturalization, deportation, and employment issues. You will need an immigration lawyer to ease the procedure if you are an asylum seeker in Canada.

Toronto Immigration Lawyer Updated Nearby Me

Toronto Immigration Lawyer is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer near me, so your application is stress-free and successful. Toronto is considered to have some of Canada’s top immigration attorneys, being one of the most successful cities.

Migrants will spend less time worrying about the best approach for applying for these lawyers. It is easy to reach and schedule a call with them in order to help you speed up the process of your application. Below is the Toronto immigration lawyer, close to me, for all your migration needs you should contact them.

Immigration Attorney Toronto Near Me

1. Toronto lawyer Michael Niren

Michael Niren is Toronto Canada’s Immigration Lawyer. He is a member of the Citizenship and Immigration Branch of the Canadian Bar Association, a respected lawyer who specializes since 1997 in the treatment of immigration applications for clients.

The Immigration Office of Michael Niren is situated in the Young Eglinton Centre, 20 Eglinton Ave W Suite # 2102, Toronto, ON M4R 1K8, Canada.

Because of his successful immigration application, he is known as one of the leading migration lawyers in Toronto.

2. Toronto Immigration Lawyer Matthew Jeffery

Matthew Jeffery is a Barrister and an experienced Toronto immigration lawyer. He is a specialist in all fields of immigration law in Canada. He is recognized for the acceptance of a variety of requests for immigration. In his business, all forms of immigration requests are processed.

This lawyer deals with all applicants for visas and charges a very small fee. He operates at 59 Berkeley St, Toronto, ON M5A 2W5, Canada. He is still available to attend calls and inquiries when they occur.

Matthew Jeffery has been named as one of the best attorneys in the immigration category. He is also a member of the Bar Association of Canada.

3. Immigration Lawyer Toronto Peter Ferreira

Peter Ferreira Immigration Lawyer Toronto is a respected immigration specialist who has worked in the immigration industry since 1975. In 1986, with his partner, Edward Koach, he formed Ferreira and Koach Immigration Services.

In 1560 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1A4, Canada, Ferreira, and Koache Immigration Service can be found.

4. Green Immigration Attorney Toronto

Green Immigration Lawyer Toronto is one of the oldest immigration lawyers in Toronto Canada and one of Toronto’s oldest immigration lawyers. The man behind the brand, Mendel Green, founded the law firm Green and Spiegel in 1962.

The company’s main purpose was to represent separate families that faced unreasonable decisions at the time it was founded. Over the years the organization has been increasingly interested in all immigration to Canada procedures.

The law firm that manages these immigration cases is Green and Spiegel LLP at 150 York St 5, Toronto, ON M5H 3S5, Canada.

They are limited to immigration law alone. Green Immigration lawyer Toronto has been listed as one of Toronto’s best immigration lawyers.

5. Toronto Office of Chaudhary Law

The Toronto Immigration Law Office deals with all immigration cases and is known to be some of Toronto’s finest Immigration lawyers. This Toronto immigration lawyer near me deals with the application for immigration, asylum, and Canada.

This is the Toronto Immigration Lawyer near me. They are known to be Toronto’s finest immigration lawyers.