Quiz: the people of the Worland

Becoming “globally competent”, this expression became very popular and common among people in offices, and different institutions around the world.

As a student, being “globally competent” enables you to benefit from different facilities and advantages. Especially those related to getting a good job in domains such as public service, and international relations.

Answer the following questions and see to what extent you know the world.


The tribes of New Guinea Island speak languages derived from that imposed by the Papuans.

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This is FALSE. The truth is that this island comprises more than 800 of the 6000 languages spoken in the world.

In New Zealand, the Adivasis are an important minority.

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This is FALSE. The Adivasi’s are found in East India in which they form an important minority.

The first Vikings and the Micmacs arrived at the same time on the northeastern American coast.

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This is FALSE. The Micmacs were the first to arrive in that area. They belong to the Algonquian people, and they came from the west more than 10.000 years before the arrival of the Vikings.

Click language is spoken by San (Bushmen).

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This is TRUE. Click language is spoken among the Khoisan group, and the San (the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa) use this language while communicating.

The descendants of the Inca are the Quechuas.

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This is TRUE. The Quechuas are found in Ecuador, the Andean regions of Peru, and Bolivia, and they speak languages that are derived from the imposed language of the Inca Empire.

The Uyghurs are a Chinese minority.

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This is TRUE. The Uighur nationality is one of the 56 officially recognized nationalities in China. Uyghurs are Sunni Muslims who speak Turkish, and they live in Xinjiang in China.

South Africa Afrikaners’ language is derived from Dutch.

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This is TRUE. Afrikaners are of different origins (Dutch, German, Scandinavian, or French), and they speak Afrikaans which is derived from Dutch.

In South Africa, only a few thousand people speak the Zulu language.

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This is FALSE. 10 million people in South Africa speak the Zulu language. It is the most vastly spoken language in the country.

The Kazakhs are a subgroup of the Cossacks.

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This is FALSE. The Kazakhs are a Central Asia Turkish people; whereas the Cossacks are a Slavic majority population group in Eastern Europe and Asia. However, both groups are of Turkish origin.

The term “Kabyle,” is derived from the word “qabīla,” which is the Arabic equivalent of the English term “tribe/family.”

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This is TRUE. The term was first used by the Muslim Arabs referring to hinterland people who lived in tribes. And now it is used to refer to Berbers.

quiz: the people of the Worland
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