How To Upgrade From A Temporary Work Permit To Permanent Resident Status In Canada

A work permit is necessarily needed if you want to successfully work in Canada. We already talked about this many times.

We have mentioned as well a couple of jobs that you can apply for and don’t require work permits in Canada.

However, particularly as a migrant, a work permit will be required if your purpose of going to permanent resident status in Canada is to work effectively.

How To Upgrade From A Temporary Work Permit To Permanent Resident Status In Canada

You can apply for a temporary work permit. Once you obtain it, then you can work as an overseas-worker in Canada. But you must receive a job offer first from a Canadian employer. Read how to get a job as an international worker in Canada if you have no clue on how to start.

Let’s discover the most required steps to consider when you submit for permanent resident status in Canada.

Tips Before Applying For A Work Permit In Canada

If you want to apply for a work permit, then you are expected to have and do as follows:

  • Note that when your work permit expires, you will have to leave the country.
  • Show your health condition and take the medical exam.
  • Prove that during your stay in Canada you can fulfill all your financial demands.
  • Don’t even consider working for an inappropriate employer.

A favorable labor market impact assessment (LMIA) form is also necessary for international immigrants to fill.

This is an issue for the ESDC to manage.  If the application is accepted, the employer must form a full temporary offer to the overseas-worker in addition to a copy of the favorable LMIA included as well.

To let you know, there are some requirements that the temporary job offer should meet.

Let’s take a look.

The Requirements A Temporary Job Offer In Canada Must Meet

The temporary job offer requirements that you must all meet are as follows:

  • The offer of employment must be true and valid. That’s a must, in fact.
  • The temporary work offer should provide all information on the roles and duties of the employer.
  • Details on the exact date of the start of work by the international worker and the end date must be clearly indicated in the bid.
  • The payment method and remuneration should be clearly outlined in the bid.

Before the registration to the ESDC, You will have to pay a fee before the application form is submitted to ESDC.

The Demanded Paperwork For A Work Permit

There are some necessary documents that are required for an immigrant worker who wants to get an employment permit in Canada and Permanent Resident Status In Canada.The relevant needed papers are:

However, it should be noted that the provinces in Canada can affect this process.

Talking about Quebec, you may need as a worker a certificate of acceptance from Quebec (CAQ) before you are able to start working in the province.

Keep in mind that once you arrive in Canada, the Canadian border services agency (CBSA) will provide the temporary work permit.

From A Temporary Work Permit To permanent resident status in Canada

It has to be mentioned that 4 Canadian immigration programs allow for temporary overseas employees the application to have a permanent residency in Canada as:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

You would be able to apply for your permanent citizenship under the Federal Worker Scheme, once you start working for the Canadian employer for your temporary work visa and it recommends that you be granted the chance for a permanent employment bid.

This offer is known as an arranged work.

The temporary worker must satisfy the all points needed by the Foreign Skilled Worker Program.

They are given based on some factors.

The last ones include the age of the applicant, his education, adaptability, language, skills, and the job offer.

The process can take over a year or a year and a half.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

In general, applicants can apply under the Provincial Nominee Program for permanent residency for 12 to 18 months.

The employers are the ones who recommend international employees for permanent residency through this program, but each program can vary in different provinces.

Some of these applicants need to be highly qualified for such positions, but there are only a few non-professional occupations that Alberta Provincial Nominated Program can select and involve.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Applicants can apply for permanent resident status in Canada within a year, through the Canadian Experience Class. Those with Temporary Resident Permits who are seeking to upgrade to a Permanent Resident Status using the Canadian Experience Class need to have either two years of work experience in Canada or must have completed one year of post-secondary studies as well as one year of work. This is one popular option for all contract employees who do not satisfy the criteria of the federal FTP.

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