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Canada is one of the most beautiful countries one can live in. It is much known for its great history, its culture, its people, and its robust governmental systems.

Do you know about all these, about Canadians, the way they live and what they eat? 

Do you know about the Canadian anthem and flag?

 What are the most famous doughnuts in Canada?

Who are the most important people in Canada?

Do you have any idea about the history of Canada, and the languages Canadians speak?

How about the nation’s geography and its population statistics?

There are many several stereotypes in Canada that you need to know about.

You need to know that Canada is really a great country, and it has influenced the world immensely.

This quiz will help you examine your general knowledge of Canada, and learn some new facts about the country.

Take the quiz now. Good luck!


How many official languages are there in Canada?

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French and English are the two official languages in Canada. However, there are many other languages that people speak freely in the country.

Who is the Head of State in Canada?

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Canada's Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II, with a Governor-General working on her behalf.

What is the animal carved on the Canadian nickel?

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A beaver, which is Canada’s national symbol, is the animal carved on the Canadian nickel. All today’s Canadian nickels are produced with nickel plating.

In which Canadian province people who speak French as a first language are welcomed the most?

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Quebec is a Canadian province that embraces everyone who speaks French as a first language. New Brunswick ranks second concerning this issue.

What are the two colors of Canada's flag?

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Red and white are the two colors of Canada’s flag which also carries a maple leaf on it since the country is known for maple trees.

How many people live in Canada?

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Canada is the world’s second-largest country. However, only 35 million people live in it. This may be the reason why the country welcomes a huge number of immigrants every year.

Whose Terry Fox?

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Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete and cancer research activist who decided to embark on a race across Canada to raise money for cancer research. In 1981 and after a long fight with cancer, because of which his leg was amputated, Terry Fox, unfortunately, passed away.

What is Canada’s capital?

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Ottawa. It is located in Ontario; whose capital is Toronto.

What is the most common topping in Canada?

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Maple Syrup is the topping Canada is known for. Canada is well-known for maple trees, and they are used for sweet topping on pancakes.

What animal does the Canadian quarter carry?

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The Canadian quarter carries a caribou on it.

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